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Message from Raja Lucien

The Raja of Invincible Lebanon


Maharishi spent 50 years of his life working tirelessly, hardly sleeping, hardly eating....and this Gilda Ma & myself have personally witnessed as sometimes we would wait, flowers in hands, to see Maharishi in the midst of the night.


His nights were spent, inspiring his governors and sidhas, his national leaders through meetings or through phone calls to all countries in the world.


Really and truly, tirelessly working, hardly sleeping, hardly eating to bring an age of enlightenment in the midst of the age of Kali, the age of ignorance.


When he decided to leave this world, he said to us: "my work is done". His work is done, ours begin...


I do not want our mind to dwell on negative happenings but all of us, who were present in Vlodrop these past 2 or 3 years often heard Maharishi speaking about "earthquake....". Three forces enter into play whenever changes take place: the force of destruction, the force of maintenance and the force of creation.


The setting of the New Age will take place through these 3 forces. The quakes Maharishi talked about are part of the force of destruction. A couple of examples: when we plant a seed into the ground, the seed is destroyed and there is a force which maintains life, then the sprout appears... the tree is created and it grows and grows....


If we have a land with an old house and we wish to build a new home, we must destroy the old house. The creation of a new age cannot take place without these 3 forces entering into play. This is a natural unavoidable process in the working of nature.


Therefore, there is no doubt that before the new age sets in completely, there will be some negative happenings and Maharishi mentioned "quakes".


Maharishi's goal was that large groups around the world (the number as you know is based on the square root of 1% of the population) would bring about a smoother phase transition then there would be a minimum of the destruction destined to take place...


There is no doubt that this can be achieved, this must be achieved.


So while we do not keep in mind this negative angle, we must be fully aware that as governors, sidhas & meditators, we hold in our hands a more positive future for mankind. Our programs, Maharishi programs, can accomplish this faster.


All that is need is our full focus, and full attention, a profound desire to create this change and a deep conviction that we can do so coupled with willingness to give it all we have of dedication, resolve, energy, vigor, determination, persistence, enthusiasm.


Creating groups of Invincibility is therefore our work, our work.


We have the responsibility towards our world, to create invincibility urgently, quickly, diligently, to minimize the upcoming events that we may all joyfully celebrate the golden age.

We are now called upon to set a date for invincibility of our dear Belgium. This means that together we will focus and see how quickly we can get there.

We will discuss this together with all our minds and hearts in one direction and with a commitment within ourselves that we will do everything we can to achieve our set goal.

We are all committed to do this and so, I would like that we discuss this, this afternoon, so we see what can be done.


So, I invite each one of you to put your mind at work so together we can share ideas and the means to achieve our goal.


Remember, Maharishi's work is done... ours begin...


Jai Guru Dev


Raja Lucien


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First published on the Malakshmi Day on October 17, 2009

Last Modified on: Thursday, 13 September 2012