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Creating World Peace Through Yoga and Yagya
Maharishi Vedic Pandits

The first group of 9000 Maharishi Vedic Pandits is under establishment in the Brahmathan of India. This will create a powerful, positive influence on the collective consciousness of the world by means of Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques, including Yogic flying (Yoga), and Traditional Vedic performances (Yagyas) to radiate a powerful influence of peace and progress.

Maharishi Yagya performances for the nation will enliven total Natural Law in the nation and nourish all individuals in the country. By contributing to Maharishi Yagya performances, one becomes the first beneficiary, an instrument through which Natural Law brings nourishment and protection to the country.
On the National Level, every country is invited to create a group of Experts in the Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology to enliven the collective consciousness in the country, and to raise their country to invincibility.
  With the establishment of a Global Group of Vedic Pandits, who will be performing Yoga and Yagya on daily basis, and the local group in every country, who will be also performing Yoga through the Maharishi Transcendental Meditation and TM Sidhi Program, and the local contribution in monthly National Yagyas, life will become a life free from problems, free from suffering, a life in enlightenment, and every country will live Heaven on Earth. 

In Lebanon we have more than 13,500 citizens who learned the Transcendental Meditation Technique, and more than 650 citizen Sidhas who learn the TM Sidhi Program including Yogic Flying. Most of the meditators and Sidhas have been doing their daily programs at home, and few are attending the daily group Programs at the TM centers. In Lebanon we have seven Maharishi TM Centers; they are offering facilities for the daily program for Meditators and Sidhas, but still we need to gather a larger group to do their programs all together, the need for Lebanon is a group of 200 Sidhas that represent the square root of 1% of population. Big Flying Halls in every area of Lebanon, will be acquired for big groups.

The following survey will help us in our study for establishing  a big location for a big group of  Meditators and Sidhas who are willing to attend daily for the Group Program. Moreover, there are few question about the participation of the National Yagya.

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  Jai Guru Dev


First published on the Malakshmi Day on October 17, 2009

Last Modified on: Thursday, 13 September 2012